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DREAM CYMBALS har allerede været under luppen hos flere anderkendte medier - bl.a. Modern Drummer samt Modern Drummers "Drum Business". Du kan læse anmeldelserne i PDF format her:


Link til anmeldelse fra Rhythm Magazine, januar 2008.

"These cymbals are something of a revelation. Scoring marks in quality terms is a technical achievement that comes about through discipline and organisation, and creating individual instruments of character is another thing altogether. The Bliss cymbals stand up against any other brand out there, and they deserve to be listened to and judged with open ears."

Anmeldelsen ligger i PDF format.


Link til anmeldelse fra Modern Drummer, december 2006.

"Whether I played the cymbals with the tip of a stick or crashed them at various dynamic levels, they kept reminding me of a couple of my early-’50s Turkish cymbals."

Anmeldelsen ligger i PDF format.


Link til anmeldelse fra Drum Business, september 2006.

"The combination of the cymbal’s extremely thin edges and large bell romoted a hearty, quick crash that normally would not be possible from such a large, heavy cymbal. This would be an ideal instrument for just about any style."

Anmeldelsen ligger i PDF format.